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Mahakavi Kalidas Surdev Mahavidyalaya, formerly MKS College,is a Co-educational Constituent College of the University of Lalit Narayan Mithila Vishvidyalaya. The college was founded 1967 .Education, Training, Employment, Access equal opportunities and all other acts and things as may be requisite in order to further the objects of Art, Science and Other Branches of learning




MKS COLLEGE was established 1967 by an Ordinance of the Government of Bihar subsequently enacted through legislatures. The College is afflited by the Lalit Narayan Mithila Vishvidyalaya. TheColehe was know as M.K.S College Trimuhan chandauna .





To provide instructions in such branches of learning as the university may think fit including professional studies and technology and to provide for research and for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.



There are over 500 students who have taken the B A Programme. Students of B A Programme have the option to choose different dicipline courses in fields such as Apparel Design & Construction, Computer Application, Family & Child Welfare, Food Technology, Music, Nutrition & Health Education, Office Management & Secretarial Practice, Economics, English, Hindi, Political Science, Sanskrit, and History. In addition, they can choose from large collection of application courses.


Over 100 students are studying B Com Course. B A Hons (Hindi) has 57 students followed by 35 students in B Sc Applied Physical Sciences Course (comprising first and second year students only).


MKS College has a total teaching faculty of 48 members consisting of 37 permanent and 11 Adhoc/Guest members. The total number of Non Teaching Staff working in the college is also 48. This includes 36 permanent and 12 Adhoc posts.


Since its inception, MKS College has built up an impressive reputation and record in both academics and sports. The teaching faculty consists of highly qualified academicians. It has excellent laboratories, infrastructure facilities and supporting staff.